Before & After School Care

KID FIT has the coolest “Before & After School Program”.  We have tons of fun sports-n-games, video games (Fridays only), Tae Kwon-Do classes, afternoon snack, homework assistance and much more. We shuttle the children safely to and from their schools in our fleet of school busses and vans.  Upon returning to KID FIT from their schools we provide them with a nutritious snack of their choice.

After Roll Call and snack time they can socialize with their friends or get started on their homework.  Homework is not easy for all kids; with that in mind our attentive staff will assist your child with his or her homework.

Once children have finished their snacks and homework it’s time to play and have fun, running around in our spacious gym.  Each day the children are engaged in one of our many fun, safe activities.  Scheduled activities include but are not limited to Chinese freeze tag, obstacle course, dodge ball elimination, tug of war, capture the flag, Tae Kwon Do classes and much more.

Unlike traditional daycare centers where kids sit and play video games or watch TV and color, at Kid Fit, your children get hours of exercise through recreational sports and games that are played daily. They get to run around and have fun with old and new friends.

Some of the benefits of physical activity are development of strong muscles, healthy cardiovascular systems, burn fat, build confidence, increase productivity and of course use up their abundant energy.  Let’s face it, in today’s’ society kids do not get nearly enough exercise and at KID FIT, we proudly help fill that gap.

At the end of the day kids have some down time. For that we have a large assortment of legos, fooseball, racket power, airhockey, board games, moderate TV viewing and video games (video games are only played on Fridays during the school year).

When you arrive to pick up your child/children, they will have had so much fun that they won’t want to leave and then they can’t wait to come back and play at Kid Fit.  No more screaming and crying when dropping your child/children off at a daycare, it’s quite the opposite in that you will have pleading and begging to stay and play at KID FIT.

“Let Our Family Watch Over Your Family”